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Food solutions

Everything about Food

Whether it be liquorice, confectionery, subtropical fruits, biscuits, nuts, cheese blocks, packaged fish, meat, apple or vegetable products, our weighing machines, dosing machines and packaging machines can be used for all food products.
Bodijn will help you in the decision-making: we design, assemble and install complete machines for your production lines.


Dosing channels

Weighing machines require regular dosing of the product.                                                                                                                 


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Bodijn_InterpakTholen (4v)

Elevating conveyors

An elevating conveyor is often used in combination with a weighing machine.                                                   


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Bodijn-MultiPointDump_MPD (32a)

Multi Point Dump ( MPD )

The weighed product, no mess, quickly packaged.                                              


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Platforms, frames, stairs

Supporting material for placing the weighing machine above the packaging machine.


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Control boxes

Each production line requires controls. We make the control boxes!                                   


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Group turntables

Completely in stainless steel with a round synthetic worktop measuring 1,200 or 1,500 mm. Other dimensions available on request.


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Foundry lines 

A foundry line includes casting moulds: sheets with moulds that are filled with a liquid product.                                               


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Cooling belts

Some products that have just been finished such as confectionery must often be left to cool before being processed, weighed and packaged.


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MarsMellow 1

Marsh Mallow production lines

We have developed special production lines for producing the famous marsh mallows.                                                                   


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Afbeelding 006

Layer cake production line

We have developed a special production line for making layer cake (cake with various layers of filling).


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