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Marsh mallow production lines

Marsh Mallow production lines

We have developed special production lines for producing the famous marsh mallows.

Marsh mallow is an aerated mixture of water, gelatine and dextrose. The mixing, boiling and aerating is a specialist process. The mixture is pumped towards a static or a rotating extruder. Four colours are often added. A rotating extruder will then produce for example the well-know “kabelspek”.

The process is considered over when the mallow leaves the extruder. We spread a layer of flour on the start of a slow-moving belt. The mallow is placed on this. A second layer of flour is placed on the mallow after a certain time. We then use our specially-developed cutter to cut the “spek” to the desired length.

Spek and flour fall at the end of the belt into a vibratory feeder (BulkBlaster). Here, the spek is conveyed towards the crates and most of the flour disappears in the return system. This is possible via vacuum technology or a screw ribbon system.

This enables us to have a continuous process for producing marsh mallows.

After an ageing period, the spek goes through the deflouring drum. This then produces clean spek with a good bite.