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Customized solutions

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Everything about customized solutions

Bodijn also delivers customized solutions as well as applications for the food and non-food sectors.
Examples of this are marsh mallow and layer cake lines but also cooling lines and foundry lines. Another example is an automatic pre-treatment installation for thermal galvanizing small loose products.
We will design, assemble and then install such machines for you. Everything will be made to your specifications, precisely to your needs.producten.


Foundry lines

A foundry line includes casting moulds: sheets with moulds that
are filled with a liquid product.                                                 


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Cooling belts

Some products that have just been finished such as confectionery must often be left to cool before being weighed and packaged.


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MarsMellow 1

Marsh Mallow production lines

We have developed a special production line for the famous marsh mallows.                                           


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Afbeelding 006

Layer cake production lines

We have developed a special production line for making layer cake (cake with various layers of filling).


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Bodijn-Thermisch verzinken

Pre-treatment installation for thermal galvanizing

These are several tilting devices assembled behind one another in acid-resistant synthetic containers.




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